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Chimney repair services Denver

Do I need a chimney cap?

Every home needs a chimney cap. There are two leading causes of chimney damage which, when mitigated with a chimney cap, can reduce the costs of chimney repair. Weather Rain and wind drafts can cause extensive damage to the integrity of your chimney. A chimney cap saves costs on chimney repair as well as on…
Chimney cleaning service

What makes a chimney company reputed and reliable?

Chimney sweeping companies are becoming more common these days. With so many in the market, it is usually challenging to tell which one is more reliable than the other. However, if you want to give your chimney proper services, you need to first choose the right chimney sweep company. One way to identify such companies…
modern fireplaces for sale

How to make a chimney sweep environmentally friendly

There are a few ways that you can make your chimney more environmentally friendly. One option is to get a fireplace insert. It acts like a wood-burning stove and is even EPA certified. A fireplace insert will burn with 70% more efficiency than a fireplace that does not have one. Any insert that was manufactured…
Do I need to clean my fireplace

How To Prepare Your Chimney For Winter

When the winter season is fast approaching, you’ll want to be prepared. That means getting your chimney ready for the coldest months of the year. The first thing you need to do is have it cleaned, especially if it has been a while since it was previously cleaned. You will also want to close up…
Chimney repair services Denver

Maintaining your chimney and fireplace when selling your property

A well-maintained chimney and fireplace could make all the difference when it comes to selling your property. Here are a few things you should do to help secure a quick sale: Arrange a chimney sweep. Not only will it confirm that your chimney is fully functioning, but it will also reduce the risk of fire…
Certified chimney cleaning service Denver CO

Why you should hire a certified chimney service

The professionals at Chimney Sweeps of America know that your chimney is an important aspect of your home which is why hiring a certified chimney sweep is important. Not only can it be one of the largest structures in your home, but it plays a critical function in keeping your home and family safe. A…
Animal removal from chimney

Fall is coming, watch out for animals in your chimney

At Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver, we have learned a lot about wildlife behavior during the fall. Knowing some of this information about our wild friends can help you understand how to coexist with them and keep them out of your house at the same time. Of course, if you do end up with…
Replace chimney cap Denver CO

Why a chimney cap is good for keeping away animals

A chimney cap is one of the most significant features of a chimney. Chimney caps contain a mesh and a metal cap that is installed over the mouth of your chimney. Leaving your chimney without a cap is just as risky as leaving your door open as it welcomes unexpected visitors such as squirrels, bats,…
Wood stove cleaning

Choosing an efficient wood stove

There are a few things to be aware of when choosing an efficient wood stove. Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver offers this great resource, so you’ll have an idea what to be on the lookout for. A wood stove is a great, efficient way to heat your home, but choosing the right unit is…
Squirrel removal services

Are you sharing your home with squirrels?

At Chimney Sweeps of America, we have removed squirrels from a number of Denver homes, and know it is not always as clear as you might think. Some squirrels take up residence for a long time before a homeowner discovers them. Knowing the signs will help you rid yourself of these potential pests before they…