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New ornate chimney crown installed

Ask these questions before getting a chimney liner

A chimney liner is the most important safety component for your chimney as it prevents intense heat, dangerous gases, and burning embers. However, before getting your chimney liner, it’s vital to ask your chimney sweep company these questions to get an insight into the process. What does a chimney liner do? Why do I need…
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Chimney repair services Denver

Don’t forget your chimney this summer!

Like winter clothes, stored away for several months as the weather becomes beautifully warm, it’s easy to forget about your chimney if your fireplace is only used every now and then, if at all. But this does mean that this a terrific time to make sure your chimney is both clean and in good working…
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Wood stove sales

Why you shouldn’t DIY wood-burning stove installation

Many homeowners think it’s possible to install their wood-burning stove by themselves to save money. However, this results in costly mistakes that put you and your loved ones at risk. You should treat a wood burning stove like any other heating appliance in your home by letting a professional install it. Going the DIY route…
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Replace chimney cap Denver CO

Chimney parge installation, restoration and cleaning

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the interior of the smoke chamber between the firebox and flue must be covered with a special insulating refractory mortar known as a parge coat. The NFPA requires this coating because it makes the smoke chamber structurally safer and more durable: – The parge coat prevents chimney brick…
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wood fireplace repairs

Causes of poor airflow in your fireplace

If you’ve started to notice that smoke is beginning to enter your room instead of exiting through the chimney as normal, it could just be that you need to avail of the services of a chimney cleaning company to maintain your chimney flue. Most airflow issues are caused by obstructions such as soot, although birds…
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Raccoons removed humanely

Four ways to make your Denver property more raccoon proof

If you are spending even more time at home then you’ll want to keep your property as pest-proof as you can. One problem might be raccoons: Look for home entry points, such as any winter damage to vents or under your deck or porch Never leave any bird or pet food out-of-doors overnight Find a…
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Chimney crown that needs repair

Chimney repair 101: Spalling

Chimney brick deterioration is referred to professionally as “spalling.” The term comes from “spall,” which refers to rock breaking into smaller fragments. Why does chimney spalling occur? Old bricks and mortar wear down with exposure to wind, rain and other weather. The chimney suffers cyclical water-related damage when cool/cold weather expands water in porous surfaces…
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wood fireplace installation and repair

Why special care is necessary when hanging fireplace and chimney decorations

A long tradition of decorating fireplace mantels and exposed and plastered chimney brick exists in our country. Home and business owners might only decorate during the holidays or year-round. Sometimes, they decide to mount a television on or above the mantel. Consider the following: – Sparks from a fireplace travel fairly far. It’s important to…
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Wood stove installation and sales

Have you considered a pellet stove for your home?

There are several great reasons for making such a choice. Pellet stoves are a terrific way of delivering even heat through an easily-controlled thermostat. All you need do is fill the hopper; set the temperature you want – it’s all automated from then on. The pellets themselves are made from woodchip and sawdust and release…
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fireplace insert installation and repairs

How often should you have your fireplace inspected?

Fireplace inspection is vital for your chimney since it ensures everything is functional before the heating season begins. It also detects damage such as missing motors early, for efficient and cost-effective repairs. Therefore, experts recommend having your fireplace inspected every year in the fall. However, this depends on how often you use your fireplace. For…
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New ornate chimney crown installed

Has your chimney got a crown?

If you have a chimney crown in place, it makes good sense to have it inspected to make sure it has effectively survived the punishing rigors of a harsh Coloradan winter. If your chimney has not yet been crowned, then it’s certainly worth considering, as it provides a terrific first line of defense against all…
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Wood stove cleaning

Has your wood-burning stove survived the winter?

As thoughts slowly turn to better – and warmer – days, spare a thought for your wood-burning stove. It has probably performed heroically in the depths of a bitter winter, so now would be a good time to check that it’s in the best of health. The doors might have become cracked or loose, or…
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