Wood Fireplace Sales and Installation Services

Chimney Sweeps of America, Serving Denver and Boulder, Colorado

If you’re a purist who wants the classic charm of a roaring wood fire, contact Chimney Sweeps of America for fireplaces sales and installation services in Denver and Boulder. We are NFI (National Fireplace Institute) Certified Installers in wood, gas, and pellet hearth appliances, meeting manufacturers’ specifications that all installations of hearth appliances be performed by a professional with these qualifications.

So, don’t settle for just anyone to take the right precautions that will protect your home and your family. Our experts will ensure that your new wood fireplace is built correctly and vents properly. That means no worrying about carbon monoxide build-up or sparks getting through masonry cracks and causing a fire. We do it right the first time and have the certifications to back up our expertise. Simply call us today for the very best wood fireplace sales and installation services.

Why Update Your Wood Fireplace?

Here are just a few reasons to have Chimney Sweeps of America install a new wood fireplace:

  • Old, inefficient appliances take heat from your home instead of providing heat to the home.
  • Old fireplaces could be worn out, over-used, and no longer up to code, potentially making them dangerous to use.
  • Older prefabricated fireplaces have a life expectancy of 8-15 years. Most are well beyond their life expectancy and should not be used as is.
  • All new appliances we offer are EPA approved, high-efficiency, heating appliances.
  • High-efficiency wood fireplaces and wood inserts are meant to heat 1,500-3,000 square feet, providing your furnace with relief.
  • If you’re looking to renovate the area or room where the fireplace is located, a new fireplace adds value to your home.

Choose Chimney Sweeps of America for help with installing a new appliance as we are Denver’s most qualified and certified installers. If you don’t have a fireplace currently, and want to have one installed, that’s not a problem. Call us for a free estimate on installing a new fireplace in Denver or Boulder.