Chimney Damper Repairs Denver

Chimney Sweeps Of America Offers Chimney Damper Repair Services In Denver

If your home fills with smoke when you try to light a fire, or you have an obvious draft coming from the fireplace, you may need chimney damper repairs. Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver is here to help with certified technicians who can inspect, diagnose and repair your chimney or fireplace problems.

The chimney damper is that metal, flap-like device that you sometimes forget to open when lighting a fire. Especially if it’s your first fire of the winter. The purpose of a damper is to allow smoke to escape up through the chimney, as well as seal the fireplace when not in use to keep heat in your home.

Having a broken damper, or no damper, is like throwing money out the window. Let us create a more energy-efficient chimney by providing expert chimney damper repairs – or a replacement if needed.

chimney crown repairs and new chimney cap

What’s Wrong with Your Chimney Damper?

Like any other component of your chimney, the damper can wear down or suffer damage that requires professional attention. Let’s take a look at what might be going on with your damper.

  • Damper Loses Its Seal – Exposure to heat, water, even years of opening and closing can cause a damper to become misaligned or warped. If you still notice a draft after you’ve shut it completely, you may need chimney damper repair services to restore the seal or remove obstructions.
  • Damper Is Stuck Open/Closed – If you haven’t had your chimney cleaned recently, creosote build-up or corrosive byproducts could be affecting the damper mechanism. An inspection may also uncover debris or blockages, even a broken handle that requires chimney damper repairs.

To ensure the safe enjoyment of cozy fires and keep your heating bill in check, contact Chimney Sweeps of America for chimney damper repair services in Denver.

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