Gas Fireplace Repairs

Chimney Sweeps of America, Serving Denver and Boulder, Colorado

If you need gas fireplace repairs, contact the certified team at Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver. We maintain, service and repair all types of fireplaces, including both wood and gas. We’ll make sure it’s in proper working order all year long, so you can enjoy a safe and cozy fire without worry.

No matter the issue, simply give Chimney Sweeps of America a call, and we’ll send out a technician to provide an inspection, pinpoint diagnosis and any gas fireplace repairs you need.

5 Common Issues that Require Gas Fireplace Repairs

  1. Fireplace won’t turn on. If your pilot light is on, but the main fireplace burner won’t turn on, it could indicate an issue with the thermostat, a blockage preventing flames from forming, faulty wiring or a malfunctioning thermocouple. Our professionals will find and fix the issue.
  2. The pilot light is out. If you’ve walked through all the manufacturer’s steps to get it going again but it still won’t turn on (or stay on), the problem could be a break or hole in the fireplace vent cap, a thermopile in need of replacement, even loose, melted or damaged wiring.
  3. Unusual noises. Gas fireplaces make noise even when they’re working just fine. However, if you begin to have operating issues or hear strange sounds, it may be worth having us check it out. A roaring noise may require a flame adjustment, while a rumbling sound my point to dirty burners.
  4. A lot of soot in your gas fireplace. While soot in an unvented system requires an immediate call for gas fireplace repairs, a touch of soot in vented appliances is totally normal. However, excess soot could indicate any number of problems, including a fuel and oxygen imbalance, chimney obstruction, blocked combustion screen, or misaligned embers and logs.
  5. Something doesn’t smell right. If you smell raw gas, a bit like sulfur, call your utility company and the fire department. This could be dangerous. Otherwise, odors can be attributed to dust on the burner, an improper fireplace door seal and more.

For a proper diagnosis and gas fireplace repairs, just call Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver!