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Chimney Sweeps of America Offers Chimney Repair Services in Denver

At Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver, we know that chimneys seem indestructible with little need for upkeep or chimney repairs. However, while they’re certainly built to last, chimneys are exposed to all types of weather here in Colorado – extreme heat to golf-ball sized hail and plenty of snow.

Over time, the elements can wreak all kinds of havoc on your chimney, so give us a call if you notice or even suspect any chimney problems. The sooner we can intervene the better. We’ll send out one of our experienced and certified technicians to inspect, diagnose and provide any chimney repairs necessary.

How Moisture Leads to Chimney Repairs

Barring natural disasters, a chimney’s true nemesis is moisture which can get into your chimney due to a missing or damaged chimney cap, or a chimney crown that has been compromised by weather or age.

So, if you think back to science class, you may recall that when water freezes, it expands and takes up more space than it does in its liquid form. If moisture has gotten inside your masonry and begins freezing, thawing, and refreezing with the seasons, this constant expansion and contraction of water will eventually, and inevitably, cause damage that requires chimney repair services. Snow, rain, water – any moisture can devastate your chimney in various ways. Here are just a few:

As you can see, damage to your chimney should not be taken lightly. At the first sign of trouble, call Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver to diagnose the issue and provide expert chimney repairs.

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