Pellet Stove Sales and Installation Denver

Chimney Sweeps Of America Offers Sales and Installation of Pellet Stoves in Denver

As the only chimney sweep company in Denver to be certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, you can trust our experts to guide you through pellet stove sales and installation. This option provides you with a different look and feel than a classic wood fireplace, even a traditional or modern gas fireplace.

One of the most attractive benefits of pellet stoves is that they are highly versatile. While this appliance can be installed in your firebox and use your existing chimney (with modifications if needed) for ventilation, an existing chimney is not actually a requirement. In fact, certain pellet stove models only need to be directly vented through an exterior wall, making installation quick and easy.

So, whether or not your home currently has a fireplace and chimney, Chimney Sweeps of America can have you cozied up to the warmth of a pellet stove during chilly winters here in Denver and Boulder, Colorado.

wood stove installation

Benefits of Pellet Stoves

Here are a few more reasons to go with one of these wood-burning stove systems, depending on your preferences:

  • The cost to fuel an efficient pellet stove is typically cheaper than most other heating methods such as a standard gas or electric furnace.
  • Pellets are made from woodchips and sawdust, keeping these materials out of landfills. Plus, they release nearly zero smoke when burning.
  • Wood is a widely available resource that’s renewable and sustainable, and purchasing pellets from Denver or Boulder helps the local economy.
  • Pellet stoves provide even heat via a controllable thermostat – simply fill the hopper, set your temperature and the rest is automated.
  • All the pellet stove sales and installation we provide only use appliances that are efficient and meet all EPA regulations for proper burning.

As you can see, you have a number of great reasons to warm up your home with a pellet stove, and Chimney Sweeps of America can help make it happen. Contact us today, and let’s get started. We’ll walk you through everything, start to finish.