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Chimney Sweeps of America Provides Chimney Cap Repair Services In Denver

Until chimney caps repairs are needed from the Chimney Sweeps of America team, most people don’t think much about this essential component. Basically, chimney caps are sturdy metal toppers for your chimney with mesh sides that vent smoke and gases. They come in all shapes and sizes to fit all types of chimneys. Once installed and sealed, it will protect your chimney from a variety of potential issues.

A chimney cap stops rain and snow from getting down your chimney and into your home, as well as causing premature deterioration of the interior of your chimney – eroded flue tiles, loose or crumbling mortar (which leads to dangerous cracks and blockages) or at a minimum, a rusted damper.

Chimney caps also prevent unwanted critters from taking up residence in your home, from birds and bats to raccoons and squirrels. Last but not least, chimney caps help keep fire sparks contained instead of hopping out onto your roof – if you have wood shingles, it’s truly a must-have.

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Chimney Cap Repair Services in Denver

If you have (or suspect) a missing or damaged cap contact Chimney Sweeps of America, and we’ll send out a certified technician to provide chimney caps repairs. Depending on what we find, we’ll develop a plan and properly fix your cap so that you can enjoy a safer and longer lasting fireplace.

If we find that you do not have a chimney cap or your current cap is beyond repair, one can typically be retrofitted and installed on either pre-fabricated chimneys that were designed in the mid-1980s, as well as masonry chimneys with an exterior brick façade. Single flue caps come in these standard sizes:

  • 8×8
  • 8×13
  • 13×13
  • 8×17
  • 13×18

If you have a multi-flue, masonry chimney or non-extending flue tiles, installation can be a bit tricky, but you can trust the Chimney Sweeps of America team to tackle any chimney caps repairs!

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Looking for chimney cap repair services? Contact us today.