Fireplace Inspections Denver

Chimney Sweeps Of America Offers Certified Fireplace Inspection Services

At Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver, we offer fireplace inspections by seasoned experts who have been certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. While our Level I chimney inspection includes a visual examination of your home’s fireplace, we can also provide a more thorough, in-depth review if you’re experiencing issues with any of the most common fireplace components:

  • Firebox & Hearth – Just like it sounds, the firebox is the general area where you build your fire while the hearth is the exact location. Typically lined with firebrick, both are subject to intense heat, corrosives from burned materials, and more. Because they’re susceptible to damage over time, a fireplace inspection can detect issues that need to be repaired for structural integrity.
  • Chimney Damper – Located above the firebox, a damper (typically made of metal) is a flap-like device that’s operated using a lever or pull chain mechanism. Closed to retain heat when your fireplace isn’t being used and opened to release smoke when it is, a damper can become stuck, damaged, corroded or broken. Our fireplace inspection will pinpoint the exact issue.
  • Smoke Shelf – Typically found in a masonry chimney system, the smoke shelf is located behind the damper at the base of the chimney. Its positioning allows cool outside air and warm inside air to intersect and return up the chimney, bringing fireplace smoke with it. If it has degraded, you may be seeing excessive amounts of smoke in your home when lighting a fire.

Our fireplace inspection services may also include an examination of the lintel, ash dump door, throat, foundation and all other key areas of your appliance. The Chimney Sweeps of America team in Denver can then provide any repairs needed to ensure your fireplace is working safely and properly.