Chimney Crown Repairs

Chimney Sweeps Of America Offers Chimney Crown Repair Services in Denver

A chimney crown is one of the first lines of defense against the elements getting into your home. That’s why the experts at Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver provide chimney crown repairs to home and business owners across the metro area.

If you’re not familiar with this component, a crown is a masonry, typically cement, cap built on top of your chimney. It covers and seals the gap from the flue liner to the edge of the chimney, and its steep sloping design diverts water away from your chimney.

A functioning chimney crown, along with a chimney cap, will protect your entire system from a variety of issues by keeping everything that’s not supposed to be in your chimney, out of your chimney. That includes snow, rain, birds, small animals, bugs, leaves and debris. Because of its position, the chimney crown takes quite a bit of abuse from the elements, so regular inspections and repairs are needed.

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Signs You Need Chimney Crown Repairs

While this list doesn’t include everything that may go wrong, it will give you an idea of what to look for:

  • Any Visible Cracks – You don’t need a giant gash in the masonry to begin seeing problems. Even small cracks in the crown can let in water, ants, termites and more.
  • Rust – If the crown is damaged and not doing its job correctly, moisture can enter your chimney and rust components like the damper. Give us a call if you notice rust or stains.
  • Moisture Damage – Inspect interior walls that are adjacent to your chimney for signs of water damage, included frayed or bubbled wallpaper, paint stains or blotches.
  • Brick Breakdown – When bricks and mortar crumble or fall out, severe water damage is often the culprit. An inspection will pinpoint the cause, whether your crown or another component.

To ensure the crown can do its job correctly, it’s important to catch any of these problems early and bring in the professionals for chimney crown repairs.

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