Wood Burning Stove Repairs Denver

Chimney Sweeps of America Services Wood Burning Stoves In Denver

Like all home heating options, you may eventually run into problems that require wood burning stove repairs. When the time comes, call Chimney Sweeps of America. As the only certified chimney sweeps in the metro Denver area, we are the experts you can trust with all things chimney and fireplace, including wood burning stoves.

Chimney Sweeps of America is ready to take on any of the following wood burning stove repairs:

  • Remove all creosote build-up
  • Fix loose or cracked stove doors
  • Address any other stove cracks
  • Replace damaged firebricks
  • Locate and seal wood stove leaks
  • Find and repair venting issues
  • And so much more!

Trust the experts to diagnose any operating problems you’re having with your wood burning stove and get it fixed properly the first time.

Common Issues Requiring Wood Burning Stove Repairs

A smoking stove due to inadequate drafting is an issue we address often. Typical causes include:

  • A damaged or improperly connected stove flue. If the installation was done improperly or using the wrong-size flue, the end result is a smoky stove and most likely, a smoky house. Our certified technicians will replace damaged or incorrect components, as well as use heat-resistant cement to repair and seal your stove’s pipe.
  • A blocked or clogged chimney flue. For stoves that vent through a chimney, it’s not unusual to experience an obstruction. Your chimney could be clogged with creosote, or if you don’t have a chimney cap, you could have anything from leaves or raccoons plugging things up. We’ll find the issue, get it fixed and make sure your wood stove is fully vented.
  • Negative air pressure due to a well-sealed house. Homes today are more energy efficient than ever, which can cause improper drafting and stifle the airflow needed for your wood stove to operate. If you get smoke but not fire, open a window. If that doesn’t do the trick, call Chimney Sweeps of America for wood burning stove repairs.