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Without chimney sweep services, is your home safe from a fire? A recent study shows an average of 25,700 fireplace, chimney, or chimney connector residential fires annually, resulting in 30 deaths and over $137 million in property loss. Plus, another 162 deaths were attributed to non-fire related carbon monoxide poisoning. Don’t become part of these statistics.

Let Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver protect you and your family. Our certified technicians will maintain your chimney and fireplace to ensure efficiency while safeguarding your home from fire.

Our chimney sweep services are meticulous, using rotary and manual brushes to remove all creosote build-up. We’ll then provide a Level 1 inspection, visually examining all accessible areas of the chimney for cracks, clearances or other issues. If all components are in order, we’ll vacuum the area to ensure no mess is left behind. For peace of mind, call Chimney Sweeps of America to schedule an appointment.

Dangers Lurking in Your Chimney and Fireplace

Every time you light a fire in your fireplace, it generates a highly flammable by-product called creosote. Over time, this thick and oily liquid accumulates on the inside of your chimney’s surface, and without chimney sweep services, it will eventually ignite a chimney fire. The danger doesn’t stop there.

Extreme high temperatures produced by such a chimney fire can then heat and warp metal chimneys or crack the tile liner on masonry chimneys. And without repairs, the next chimney fire could be even more catastrophic. Sparks generated by normal use may find their way between the cracks into your attic or surrounding chimney structure, causing a house fire.

If a fire isn’t frightening enough, a homeowner should also be aware of carbon monoxide risks. This gas, which is emitted by all chimneys, is poisonous and even life-threatening in large doses. Most cases of carbon monoxide poisoning are due to inadequate ventilation, poor maintenance of appliances, as well as blocked or leaky flues and chimneys. Blockages can occur for various reasons including birds or other animals nesting inside or on top of the chimney, or possible degradation of the flue.

chimney fires from not cleaning a chimney

A Chimney Sweep is a Homeowner’s Best Defense

Now, you can see why the Chimney Safety Institute recommends that homeowners who light fires in their fireplaces three or more times a week should have their chimneys inspected and cleaned once a year. At Chimney Sweeps of America, our chimney sweep services will remove the creosote build-up and ensure there are no cracks, reducing the possibility of a house fire. We will also confirm that you have proper carbon monoxide ventilation by making sure your chimney is free from obstructions.

Whether you don’t remember the last time you had chimney sweep services or don’t recall ever having a cleaning done, contact Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver today to schedule an appointment.