Chimney Inspection Services Denver

Chimney Sweeps of America Provides Certified Chimney Inspections In Denver

At Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver, our chimney inspection services are the most important part of our job. And unlike many of our competitors, we have chimney inspectors on staff who have been certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Every customer has peace of mind knowing that we do the job properly, thoroughly and by the book.

Also known as condition reports or inspection reports, chimney inspection services can detect a number of issues that could lead to a dangerous situation such as a house fire. We will:

  • Look for any signs that winter freeze-thaw cycles caused damage
  • Determine the age, usage and viability of your fireplace/chimney
  • Inspect all structures for wear and tear that may require repairs
  • Verify that there are no obstructions or combustible deposits

According to the National Fire Protection Association, an annual inspection of all chimneys, fireplaces, and vents is highly recommended. If it’s been a while since your last checkup, contact Chimney Sweeps of America for chimney inspection services. We’ll make sure this important component of your home heating system is working safely and properly.

Chimney Sweeps of America’s 3-Level Chimney Inspection Process

Level I Inspection

This inspection is recommended when your chimney, venting system and fireplace are easily accessible and when you are planning on maintaining its current use. This level of chimney inspection is typically performed in homes here in Denver. Our CSIA certified chimney sweep will verify that your chimney structure is sound, as well as free of blockages and combustible deposits like creosote.

Level II Inspection

Modifications to your system, from relining the flue to changing the type of fuel you’re burning, require a Level II inspection. This inspection level is also required upon the sale or transfer of a property, as well as after an operating malfunction or external event that may have damaged your fireplace and chimney.

The scope of Level II chimney inspection services includes that of the Level I plus:

  • Inspection of accessible areas of your attic, basement, and crawl spaces
  • Performance testing such as a smoke or pressure test
  • Interior video inspection if recommended by your chimney sweep
Level III Inspection

When a Level I or Level II inspection suggests a hidden hazard and the evaluation cannot be performed without access to concealed areas, Level III chimney inspection services are recommended. Here we’ll confirm the construction and condition of concealed portions of your fireplace and chimney structure, including the flue. This type of inspection is generally necessary when investigating an incident that has caused damage to the fireplace, chimney, building, or where a risk has been detected or suspected.