Squirrel removal and relocation in Denver

Squirrels may be cute, but you definitely don’t want them in your home!

Are you having nightmares where you hear scratching and other noises coming from inside your walls? Well, the bad news is that you’re probably not dreaming! The good news is that the culprit is likely a squirrel or other critter rather than a monster. The team at Denver’s Chimney Sweeps of America can help you…
Fireplace inspection services

A dirty chimney can be a health hazard

A fireplace can keep you nice and cozy in the winter, but did you know that a dirty chimney can be a health hazard? The build-up of soot can make its way into your home, causing allergies and respiratory issues. It’s important to keep your chimney clean year-round, even when it’s not in use. Make…
Chimney cleaning service

Not sure when to clean your chimney? Get a pro to help you!

It’s that time of year again before the long winter months start their cold wrath and you have to quench the chills with that awesome brick heat source of yours. You stack some wood in the pit and strike a match to light it, but then you get a whiff of BBQ gone bad. Ugh!…