bats in your attic, we can remove them

If you think you might have bats

Homes can be infested with many different creatures; and one situation that often takes owners by surprise is when bats take up residence. Many people feel very uncomfortable if this problem arises, so it pays to get it sorted out as quickly as possible. Our Chimney Sweeps of America experts can carry out a detailed…
Chimney crown that needs repair

Chimney repair 101: Flashing

Roofers and chimney installers use thin, flexible plastic or metal sheets, known as flashing, to prevent water from seeping into cracks, joints, and edges where the borders of the roof and other vertical surfaces meet. Flashing is often used to direct water away from chimneys, pipes, skylights, vents, valleys, and walls. Although vinyl and PVC…
New ornate chimney crown installed

How to avoid a chimney fire

A chimney fire can develop rapidly and be quite destructive to your residence. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce the chances of experiencing one, while at the same time enjoying a well-made fire in the hearth for warmth and comfort. Make sure you keep these preventive measures in mind: Burn seasoned dry wood, preferably…