Chimney cleaning service

Chimney fires and how to prevent them

Chimney fires are more common than you think, and they can cause extensive damage to your property while placing your loved ones at risk. Luckily, taking a proactive approach to your chimney’s maintenance can prevent fires and increase your chimney’s longevity. This includes anything from regular repairs and chimney sweep services to inspections and chimney…
Animal removal from chimney

I’ve seen a squirrel in my chimney, should I be worried?

Yes, you should. Squirrels may look cute and friendly, but they aren’t harmless. They can cause extensive damage to your home or business property, and they pose health risks to you and your loved ones. Additionally, once a squirrel nests in your home, it can quickly multiply, increasing the danger and damage significantly. As soon…
Chimney cleaning service

Benefits of professional chimney sweep services

Do you want to keep your fireplace and chimney clean and safe? If so, it’s time to get chimney cleaning services. However, you can’t hire any chimney sweep company for your chimney’s upkeep and maintenance. You need an expert that can meet your needs, be it animal removal, chimney repairs, or installation. Here are some…