Wood stove cleaning

Has your wood-burning stove survived the winter?

As thoughts slowly turn to better – and warmer – days, spare a thought for your wood-burning stove. It has probably performed heroically in the depths of a bitter winter, so now would be a good time to check that it’s in the best of health. The doors might have become cracked or loose, or…
Replace chimney cap Denver CO

Time to spring clean your chimney

It’s the time of year when we start to think about sprucing up our home and property for the better weather ahead. Creating a list of jobs to be undertaken both indoors and out, is easy when you can see, with your own eyes, exactly what needs to be done. However, what about those less-visible…
Chimney smoke is dangerous

Preventing chimney fires

Chimney fires can cause a lot of damage in your chimney, resulting in costly repairs. Unfortunately, many chimney fires go unrecognized by homeowners, and they can be dangerous to you and your loved ones. You can avoid chimney fires by: Only using seasoned woods with less than 20% water content Never burn Christmas trees, cardboard…