New ornate chimney crown installed

Ask these questions before getting a chimney liner

A chimney liner is the most important safety component for your chimney as it prevents intense heat, dangerous gases, and burning embers. However, before getting your chimney liner, it’s vital to ask your chimney sweep company these questions to get an insight into the process. What does a chimney liner do? Why do I need…
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Don’t forget your chimney this summer!

Like winter clothes, stored away for several months as the weather becomes beautifully warm, it’s easy to forget about your chimney if your fireplace is only used every now and then, if at all. But this does mean that this a terrific time to make sure your chimney is both clean and in good working…
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Why you shouldn’t DIY wood-burning stove installation

Many homeowners think it’s possible to install their wood-burning stove by themselves to save money. However, this results in costly mistakes that put you and your loved ones at risk. You should treat a wood burning stove like any other heating appliance in your home by letting a professional install it. Going the DIY route…