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Chimney Sweeps of America Blog

Within the pages of our chimney sweep blog you’ll find helpful articles and interesting insights about everything that’s related to chimney and fireplace cleaning, installation and repairs.

Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver

Keep your chimney clean

The most effective way to keep your fireplace and chimney as safe as possible is by keeping it clean and well maintained.  Allowing soot to build up in your chimney is a huge fire risk. Many people worry about the mess created when cleaning the soot from a chimney, but our team will take every…
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Chimney repair services Denver

How’s your chimney’s crown?

If you have a chimney crown in place, it makes good sense to have it inspected to make sure it has effectively survived the punishing rigors of a harsh Coloradan winter. If your chimney has not yet been crowned, then it’s certainly worth considering, as it provides a terrific first line of defense against all…
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Chimney cleaning service

Your chimney needs a spring cleaning

It’s the time of year when we start to think about sprucing up our home and property for the better weather ahead. Creating a list of jobs to be undertaken both indoors and out, is easy when you can see, with your own eyes, exactly what needs to be done. However, what about those less-visible…
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Who can fix chimney masonry

Common chimney issues to look for

Many homeowners assume chimneys can function properly with zero maintenance. Unfortunately, inadequate maintenance opens up your chimney to many problems that pose a danger to you and your loved ones. Here are some common chimney problems to watch out for. Obstruction – this can cause toxic fumes to enter your home Creosote – build-up can…
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Chimney fires can be prevented

Chimney fires can cause a lot of damage in your chimney, resulting in costly repairs. Unfortunately, many chimney fires go unrecognized by homeowners, and they can be dangerous to you and your loved ones. You can avoid chimney fires by: Only using seasoned woods with less than 20% water content Never burn Christmas trees, cardboard…
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steel chimney crowns

Chimney inspections keep you safe

Winter is here! Which means it is finally time to relax by the fireplace on cold, dark evenings. But while most of the time your chimney likely performs consistently, there are times when your chimney might fail. To prevent any issues, it is recommended that you schedule regular roof inspection and maintenance. If you notice…
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I have an animal stuck in my chimney

Chimneys are a typical hideout for several wild animals since they are enclosed yet always open to the outside. You can easily prevent an animal blockage in your chimney by covering it up when not in use. Below are a few must-dos when an animal gets stuck in your chimney. Always remain calm. The animals…
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Chimney cleaning service

Hiring a chimney cleaning expert

Fireplace cleaning needs to be done regularly to enhance safety in your home. Since fireplaces and chimneys my pose a risk to homeowners, it is essential to hire a professional to carry out a fireplace and chimney sweep. Before hiring an expert, ensure that you do the following. Carry out your inspection to check for…
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Who can fix chimney masonry

Your chimney lining is very important

It’s something you can’t see, but it’s also a vital part of an effectively-performing chimney. If there isn’t one in place, or the current chimney lining is damaged, then serious problems can occur. These can include: Combustible creosote building up on the inside of your chimney Dangerous and poisonous gases remaining in your home rather…
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replacement chimney crowns

It’s time for a new year’s chimney sweep

As the new year starts, it’s the perfect time to make resolutions, and this includes scheduling your chimney sweep. Throughout the year, your chimney has suffered from a buildup of ash, soot and creosote, reducing its effectiveness and efficiency. So, it’s wise to have your chimney swept as the New Year begins to keep your…
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Gutter cleaning and maintenance

Key causes of gutter problems

Gutters are usually taken for granted – until they fail. Then, serious problems can appear, and expensive property damage can follow. Our Chimney Sweeps of America technicians can also undertake professional gutter cleaning and inspection work. This means problems such as damaged sections, blocking debris, birds’ nests, improper fittings, or insufficient capacity to properly deal…
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Key reasons why it pays to have a chimney inspection

Having experts inspect your chimney means that if some possible dangers are spotted, ones that could lead to a house fire, can then be dealt with. Three examples of such problems are: Simple wear and tear that occurs as homes, and therefore chimneys, get older Obstructions or deposits of combustible material that could otherwise go…
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