Reason why you need to keep birds and animals off your chimney

Birds and animals (particularly squirrels and raccoons) like seeking shelter in chimneys, especially during the winter season. The chimney not only provides much-needed warmth but also protects them from angry predators. However, allowing birds and animals to seek shelter in your chimney is a bad choice, and below are the reasons why:

They restrict the flow of gases

Your fireplace can only function well if there is a proper exit of gases. Animals and birds seeking shelter in your chimney can restrict the flow of gases, thus reducing its effectiveness.

They transmit deadly diseases

Bird droppings carry histoplasmosis, a deadly fungal infection that causes blindness in humans. Additionally, if the birds become trapped in the chimney, they will eventually die. The foul smell from their carcass can make everyone in the house uncomfortable.

They can cause a fire

Birds nesting materials are highly flammable. They can easily catch fire and burn your roof.

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