Fall is coming, watch out for animals in your chimney

At Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver, we have learned a lot about wildlife behavior during the fall. Knowing some of this information about our wild friends can help you understand how to coexist with them and keep them out of your house at the same time. Of course, if you do end up with an unwanted house guest, we’re just a phone call away and can humanely resolve the issue.


A large number of birds and insects move to warmer areas and their migration begins when it starts to get chilly. This is one of the reasons, you may see large flocks of birds flying with a purpose in the fall, particularly as the days get shorter and colder. As food sources become scarce and temperatures drop, many species of birds and insects head south. In some areas, this may mean a dramatic increase in animal activity as winter preparations begin. Some animals may be leaving, while others are arriving or just passing through your area.

Preparation for Hibernation

Most people know that bears hibernate, but a number of other animals hibernate too. Bats and bees are examples of other animals and insects that hibernate. When it comes to wildlife behavior during the fall, other animals may be preparing for a low level of activity. It may not quite be hibernation, but it is close. Squirrels, groundhogs, and chipmunks start to stockpile food. This may increase the attraction of your bird feeders in the fall, for example. Many animals, whether they hibernate or not, are preparing for colder weather by eating a great deal. Such stores will help their bodies in times of scarce resources.

Some Animals are Prepping

A number of animals will remain awake and active year round. They may stay in their dens during winter but they remain awake. Food and water resources start to be less abundant so it will be important to remove any potential food or water sources to deter animals from seeking shelter in or around your home.

Problematic Rodent Activity

Rodents become particularly active in the fall. They start to search for warm spaces with readily available food and water sources. People’s homes tend to be ideal locations in this search. If you suspect you have rodents, like squirrels, that have moved into your home and need to be moved back out, contact us at Chimney Sweeps of America. We can help get them out of your Denver home and relocated safely.

Good Time for Preparation

Because fall can be such a highly active time for animals, it is a really good time to guard your home from raccoon and other invasions. Check various potential entry points for signs or damage. Be sure that your roof, attic, and basement or crawlspace are in good repair. You are looking for potential entry points. If you find them, repair them, and look for signs that you may already have uninvited guests in your home.

If you find that one or more animals, such as squirrels, raccoons, bats, or pigeons, have set up shop in or around your home, contact us at Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver. With our knowledge of wildlife behavior during the fall, we can help you get rid of such pests, protecting your home from damage and your family from any dangers.

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