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Wood fireplace Chimney Sweeps of America Denver CO

If you have excess smoke outside your wood fireplace’s chimney

If you notice this drafting problem occurring, there are some common causes to consider. There might be a blockage of some kind in your flue, or it’s possible that the height, flue or throat size of your chimney is not what it should be. Another potential cause is the location of the damper, or even…
bird removal Chimney Sweeps of America Denver Co

Reason why you need to keep birds and animals off your chimney

Birds and animals (particularly squirrels and raccoons) like seeking shelter in chimneys, especially during the winter season. The chimney not only provides much-needed warmth but also protects them from angry predators. However, allowing birds and animals to seek shelter in your chimney is a bad choice, and below are the reasons why: They restrict the…
fireplace installed

Don’t Fall Victim to a Scam: Have your chimney inspected today

Home repair scammers sometimes go door to door posing as chimney cleaners who are working in your neighborhood. They’ll offer a free chimney sweep and inspection, often uncovering multiple “hidden problems”. Of course, these will need to be fixed right away, and at a hefty price tag. Sadly, these so-called contractors are often just trying…
does your chimney smoke, time for a clean

Now is the perfect time for fireplace cleaning

Summer in Colorado is pretty short, and before we know it, the snow will be flying. Get your chimney and fireplace cleaned now and you will be ready to go when colder weather hits and it’s time to snuggle up in front of the fire! Maintaining a clean chimney and fireplace is essential to the…
close up of wood stove

Do you maintain your wood burning stove?

It’s easy to take household appliances for granted, until that awful moment when they break down. Think of the hassle caused by such events. A wood burning stove is a good example. Having it professionally maintained can avoid a whole range of problems. These include a build-up of problem-causing creosote, cracks and leaks to the…
chimney crown in need of replacement

Do you know the exterior chimney red flags?

You don’t need to climb on your roof to see if your chimney may need chimney repair. Look for the following exterior signs that signal you need to contact an expert. Chimney cap troubles Your chimney cap should be in good condition. If yours is cracked or missing, it’s time to call Chimney Sweeps of…
Animal removal from chimney

Dead animal in your gutter?

It does happen, and dead animal removal is just one of the ways that a professional inspection and cleaning of your gutters can help prevent water leaks damaging your property. Such an inspection can clear leaves and other debris and highlight damaged sections in need of repair or replacing. Other areas of concern that can…
Who can fix chimney masonry

Is your chimney in need of repair?

A fireplace is a wonderfully functional and aesthetic enhancement to your home, so it’s important to take care of it, both inside and out. As such, if your chimney needs repair, it’s important to fix it right away. Cracks and missing bricks or stonework can quickly go from a small repair to a major undertaking.…
rustic wood fireplace after installation

3 Reasons to Update Your Existing Wood Fireplace

Wood fireplaces add plenty of charm to your home, and they’re also one of the oldest ways to provide warmth during the winter. If you have had your fireplace for many years, it may be time to get it updated. Here are three reasons to consider a new wood-burning fireplace. 1) You notice your home…
Squirrel removal and relocation in denver

Squirrels may be cute, but you definitely don’t want them in your home!

Are you having nightmares where you hear scratching and other noises coming from inside your walls? Well, the bad news is that you’re probably not dreaming! The good news is that the culprit is likely a squirrel or other critter rather than a monster. The team at Denver’s Chimney Sweeps of America can help you…