chimney crown in need of replacement

Do you know the exterior chimney red flags?

You don’t need to climb on your roof to see if your chimney may need chimney repair. Look for the following exterior signs that signal you need to contact an expert.

Chimney cap troubles

Your chimney cap should be in good condition. If yours is cracked or missing, it’s time to call Chimney Sweeps of America.

Cracks, crumbling or rust

The crown at the chimney’s top should be fully intact, and the mortar should not have cracked or become loose. Any evidence of brick bits breaking off or discoloration, including white deposits, signal chimney repair is needed. Lastly, look into the flue to see if your lining has any signs of deterioration.

If you spot any of the red flags above or notice other issues, contact Chimney Sweeps of America today.

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