Wood Stove Inspection Service Denver

If you own a wood stove, when was the last time you thought about having an inspection done?  Chimney Sweeps of America is a full service fireplace and chimney company serving Denver and the entire state.  Our job is to aid in the prevention of fires related to wood stoves, gas systems and fireplaces.  We have been the number one choice for wood stove inspection service in Denver since 1982.  We have helped thousands of homeowners keep their systems in proper working order.

A favorite winter activity is burning our fireplaces and wood burning stoves for both added heat and enjoyment.  Unfortunately, many people are poorly informed about the importance of keeping their chimney clean. Yearly inspection and cleaning are not only essential but cost effective.  We install, clean and maintain your system to keep it safe and efficient. 
The primary job of a chimney sweep is to inspect your chimney and sweep it of dangerous build up.  The buildup, called creosote, is the main reasons fires can occur.  In addition to removing the creosote buildup and reducing the possibility of a house fire, chimney cleaning can also help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. These are the reasons cleaning your fireplace is so important. At Chimney Sweeps of America, you will always be serviced by a technician that holds a certification from the Chimney Safety Institute of America.  
Don’t neglect your wood burning stove.  With over 28 years of experience in wood stove inspection service in Denver, call our experts today.

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