More Reasons Why You Can’t Get A Fire Going

Today, Chimney Sweeps of America offers even more reasons why you can’t get a fire going in your fireplace. If you were unable to find the source of your trouble with the suggestions offered in the last article, then perhaps one of these tips will help you out.


Cold Air in the Chimney

This is more of an issue for a chimney located outside the wall of the house. Cold air sinks and could be weighing down the draft just enough to prevent the smoke from rising. To combat this, you can ignite a piece of newspaper and hold it up near the damper to heat a bit of the air in the chimney. Do this extremely carefully.


Not Enough Chimney Draft

Fires need oxygen, and if there isn’t enough of a draft coming down your chimney, it will be nearly impossible to get a blaze going. If the problem is a recent one, it could be that an animal built their home inside your chimney or branches are blocking the opening. Both problems can be fixed with the help of our animal removal and chimney cleaning services.


If you notice that you’ve always had this trouble, it could be that your chimney is too short and you could have it enlarged. To give you an idea, a chimney stack should overall be at least 10 feet tall, rise at least 3 feet above the roof and be at least 2 feet higher than any objects within 10 feet of it.


Your Home is Buttoned up Too Tight

In these modern days of energy efficiency, it is possible to go a little too far with buttoning up our homes. Fires need a source of air and if your home is too tightly sealed there is not enough airflow for the fire to draw and send up the chimney. This can be dangerous too with carbon monoxide poisoning. Try opening a window to see if this is the problem. If that works, consider more permanent options.


Wrong Size Flue

Problems with wrong flue size generally occur when installing wood-burning stoves and connecting them improperly to a chimney. Help from a knowledgeable professional during installation will prevent this problem before it even starts.


Dirty Chimney

Especially if it has been over a year since the last time you had your chimney cleaned, it could just simply be that the chimney is dirty. Over time soot builds up in the chimney and begins to create blockages and problems with the airflow. The only way to fix this is to get the chimney cleaned out to allow for proper airflow and chimney stack function.


Well, that’s it for more reasons why you can’t get a fire going in your fireplace. From all of us here at Chimney Sweeps of America, we hope that these lists have been helpful. Of course, these issues can easily be detected by one of our professionals during a routine inspection and cleaning visit so you can always just set up an appointment with us and we’ll get your chimney in tip-top shape in no time!

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