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Why special care is necessary when hanging fireplace and chimney decorations

A long tradition of decorating fireplace mantels and exposed and plastered chimney brick exists in our country. Home and business owners might only decorate during the holidays or year-round. Sometimes, they decide to mount a television on or above the mantel. Consider the following:

Sparks from a fireplace travel fairly far. It’s important to never hang anything within 3-feet of a fireplace unless you never use it.

– Improperly installed mounting hardware can damage mantel and chimney materials resulting in expensive repairs. Bad installation is also more likely to cause gap formation over time that allows pests and smoke into the structure.

– Outdoor decorations, such as string lights and garlands, become the perfect high wires for pests like mice and squirrels to use to move freely about on the side of a structure and cause chewing and digging damage.

– Electronics like televisions and speaker systems contain delicate circuit boards and wires that high heat can ruin.

At Chimney Sweeps of America, we believe in promoting safety measures that reduce dangerous situations. Although we perform fireplace and chimney repairs, we always educate our customers about measures that they can take to prevent unnecessary damage and repair bills. For more information or to schedule an inspection, contact us today.

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