Get Your Fireplace Ready for Winter in Denver

Summer isn’t quite over yet, but we are certainly nearing the end, and it is a good time to https://chimneysweepsofamerica.comso that you know your chimney is safe and all set when you first decide it is time to have a fire on a chilly autumn evening.  Any debris or soot build up can create a risk of chimney fires which can cause serious damage so regular maintenance is essential to protect your home from damage.  

Hiring professional certified chimney experts to clean and inspect your chimney is the number one thin you can do to prevent fires, and our team will handle it quickly, neatly, and effectively, so that come winter you can securely have a beautiful toasty fire in your fireplace without worry. has been  helping Colorado residents keep their chimneys and fireplaces in top shape since 1982, building a name for ourselves as a trustworthy hardworking company who looks out for their customers.  You can find more information about all of our chimney cleaning, maintenance and repair services at https://chimneysweepsofamerica.comor just give us a call with any questions you may have.

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