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Reasons to Get Your Chimney Capped

With the heat at its highest, you should consider getting your chimney squared away before the fall. We know, the first thing you think about when you think of a chimney is capping it, right? Well, for most people that’s not true (outrageous!). They think of winters and fireside nights. But really, none of that is possible without your chimney cap. Caps keep out everything from animals to rain and debris, they help to make your chimney safer and operational.

What is A Chimney Cap Exactly?

We all know that chimneys rise up through the roof of our homes. There are different shapes and sizes and materials that make up chimneys, and so since every chimney is unique, every cap is unique too. Usually they are made of steel or copper, but they can come in a large variety of shapes and designs to accent your home. Caps are normally built by placing a mesh ring around the top of the chimney mouth and topped with a hat that protects your chimney from weather and debris.

Get a Chimney Cap to Reduce Moistness

Chimney caps are key in reducing and removing moisture from your home. This is especially true for us here in Colorado. If water gets into your chimney is can wreak havoc on the inside. Common water damage for chimneys includes damaged liners, dampers, and mortar joints. Further, it can cause mold and mildew, while also raising the humidity in your home and causing more issues inside. It’s easy to prevent all of this by having a chimney cap installed.

Get a Chimney Cap to Keep Out Animals

Chimneys are a golden ticket for many small animals, from rodents to birds, even bugs and small mammals. This is especially the case if you keep the flute open, but don’t usually light fires. In the summer months you may find birds and bugs, while in the winter you may find rodents and mammals, mooching off of the heat from the flute. Getting a chimney cap will help to keep out the majority of the animal populations and keep your home safe from invasion.

Get a Chimney Cap to Stop Downdrafts

If you live in a windy part of Colorado, you’ll want to consider a cap for possible downdrafts. Chimneys work in both directions, so when there is nothing blocking the mouth of the chimney, winds will push down into your home. This could be good or bad for you depending on the season, since cold winds in winter could cool your house even more. Further, that downdraft will end up pushing smoke into your home if there is a lit fire during the winds. Install a chimney cap so that your home stays warm and smoke-free.

Get a Chimney Cap to Stop Sparks

Sparks are one of the most forgotten about aspects when it comes to owning a fireplace. If you’ve ever sat at a campfire, you’ve likely noticed that sparks will rise from the middle and drift away. Usually these outside sparks will die out and are harmless. However, sparks will rise inside of the chimney and are protected from the winds that would usually put them out. So naturally, as those sparks drift upwards, if there is not something to block them then they will get out—and that’s disastrous if you or your neighbors have wooden roofs or homes. Get a chimney cap installed to help protect your home and your neighbors’ homes.

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