New fireplace insert installation

If Santa gets stuck in your chimney…

…to be honest, we can’t help. But that’s okay because we know he never does, he’s far too clever for that! But, and not just at this time of year, it pays to make sure your chimney is regularly swept and is both clean and fully-functioning. You want to make sure you are keeping your family safe and effectively safeguarding your home from the catastrophic effects of even a limited fire.

Our team uses both rotary and manual brushes to remove any build-up of creosote. A Level 1 inspection is then carried out; and, if all is in good order, we vacuum the area leaving no mess behind. A bit like the guy in the big red suit!

To look after your chimney, simply contact our Chimney Sweeps of America team on 303-973-7376 to schedule that vital appointment…

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