Wood stove installation and sales

Have you considered a pellet stove for your home?

There are several great reasons for making such a choice. Pellet stoves are a terrific way of delivering even heat through an easily-controlled thermostat. All you need do is fill the hopper; set the temperature you want – it’s all automated from then on.

The pellets themselves are made from woodchip and sawdust and release virtually no smoke when burning. You are also making great use of a sustainable and renewable resource, and this helps keep such materials out of landfills.

A pellet stove is either connected to a vent in the wall or a chimney.

A pellet stove is a fuel-efficient heating choice for your home, typically costing less to operate than a gas or electric furnace. To find out more, call 303-973-7376 and speak to our experts here at Chimney Sweeps of America.

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