Gas Fireplace Maintenance Denver

No matter what type of fireplace you own, gas, pellet, or wood, maintaining it is essential to keeping your home safe and the unit working efficiently. Even though you may not think of your fireplace as having moving parts or needing really much of anything, it still does and the team at Chimney Sweeps of America can help with our cleaning, repair and maintenance services in Denver.

Our gas fireplace maintenance services ensure that your fireplace is operating at peak performance. It is designed and built to work best in these conditions and can all year long with a visit from one of our trained and experienced technicians from Chimney Sweeps. Valve keys, valve covers, screens, spark guards, grates, fans, blowers, gas lines, ignitions system, firebox, venting system, these are all elements of your gas fireplace that should be maintained and inspected for proper functioning about once per year.
At Chimney Sweeps of America, we are honored to provide this valuable service, keeping our client’s, their homes, families, pets and neighbors safe from an unexpected and devastating fire. Call to schedule our services today!

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