Chimney Safety Inspection Denver

With a chimney safety inspection in Denver, you can go through the season, knowing that your home is safe from a house fire. Having this surety is worth way more than the expense. It does not cost much to have any one of our three inspection levels performed. With a fireplace cleaning service, you will get a complimentary Level 1 inspection.

This is a basic inspection to ensure that no debris or other obstructions are present in your fireplace or chimney. We will check to ensure that the creosote build-up is not a safety issue or that no other problems are present. With our Level 2 inspection services, in addition to Level 1, we will access harder to reach areas of the home to ensure a safe burning environment. Smoke or pressure tests may also be employed based on the assessment from our CSIA certified chimney sweep professional.
Your home will be fit for safe indoor fire burning with the help of a certified chimney sweep from Chimney Sweeps of America. Interior chimney and fireplace video inspection may also help to determine if there are other problems.  Call us today to schedule our chimney inspection services and have the confidence that your home is safe.

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