Chimney Cleaning Services Denver

There is nothing than a roaring fire on a cold Colorado night.  Since 1982, Chimney Sweeps of America has been the number one choice for chimney cleaning services in Denver.  We have the expertise to keep you and your home safe and secure. Chimney inspections are recommended to determine safety, functionality and whether or not they may need cleaning. Preventative maintenance is always more cost effective than repairs that could have been avoided.

There are many benefits associated with having your home’s chimney service by a professional chimney cleaner.  All our technicians are licensed and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).  Not only will a cleaning improve the efficiency of your fireplace, but it will also prevent CO2 from intruding into your home. A standard cleaning ensures the removal of the flammable substance creosote from the fireplace system.  Creosote is the leading cause of a chimney fire. Improper chimney maintenance causes a substantial amount of preventable deaths and injuries each year.
In colder climates such as Denver, Colorado and the Rocky Mountains, burning the fireplace is a favorite winter nightly activity.  With over 10,000 satisfied and repeat clients, Chimney Sweeps of America provides the best chimney cleaning services in Denver and the entire Front Range.  See why our clients keep coming back.

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