Chimney Cap Repair Denver

Preserve your chimney and home with a chimney cap. For over 16 years, a local family-owned and operated business has been the authority on  Chimney caps prevent rain and freeze/thaw deterioration, leave debris, clog ups and small animal infestation from entering your flue as well as sparks from igniting nearby combustibles.

Chimney caps come in all shapes and sizes. More chimney damage occurs from lack of a chimney cap than any other source. A chimney cap will not only stop the rain from getting in, but also any birds or other unwanted animals. Rain can cause premature deterioration of the interior of your chimney. This can allow for eroded flue tiles, lose crumbling mortar (which allow for dangerous cracks and blockages) or at a minimum, a rusted out damper.

It took us 28 years to develop the expertise to keep you, your home, and your family safe and secure.  Quality craftsmanship, creativity and dedication to customer service are the hallmarks of our work, and they are the very same distinct qualities that have made us one of the most trusted names in the masonry industry. 
.With over 10,000 satisfied and repeat clients, we know you will be 100% satisfied. Chimney Sweeps of America provides the most experience in chimney cap repair in Denver.  

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