Wood Fireplace Inspection Denver

Winter is a great time to sit by the fireplace, but it’s important to know if you’re fixture is in need of repair or maintenance. It’s easy to forget how important regular fireplace and chimney maintenance is to a home. Fireplace care and cleaning is a must for any home owner and family.  Since 1982 Chimney Sweeps of America  have kept homes safe by providing wood fireplace inspection in Denver.   

Our technicians are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.  When winter rolls around it is important to have an inspection done to confirm whether or not your fireplace chimney was affected by last winter’s freeze and thaw cycles which can cause unsafe conditions.  Each year, unsafe conditions cause significant number of injuries and property loss. Our technician will verify that your fireplace & chimneys are free of obstruction and combustible deposits.
Chimney inspections are recommended yearly to determine functionality, safety and whether or not they need cleaning. Chimney Sweeps of America has the expertise to keep you, your home and your family safe and secure.  With over 10,000 satisfied and repeat clients, we provide the best in wood fireplace inspection in Denver.  Call today and see why we are Denver’s number one choice!

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