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Why you should leave chimney cleaning to the professionals

While it’s fine to perform some inspections and minor repairs on your fireplace and chimney, and major chimney cleaning or repairs should be left up to the professionals. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t attempt any work on your chimney by yourself.

For one, safety is a concern. Professionals are trained to properly handle chimney cleaning and repairs, and they are experienced. They also have the proper tools needed to inspect, clean and work on chimneys. They won’t accidentally damage something by using a tool they shouldn’t. They also know what cleaning solutions are designed specifically for cleaning chimneys.

Making a mistake when inspecting or cleaning your chimney can be hazardous. IF you use the wrong cleaning solution, you could potentially make your chimney a fire hazard. And not only are chimney fires dangerous, but they can also be expensive as well.

So instead of trying to tackle that chimney project on your own, let the professionals at Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver handle it for you. Give us a call today!

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