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Why is my chimney leaking?

At Chimney Sweep of America in Denver, we get phone calls all the time from people asking what would cause their chimney to leak. So here are some common chimney leak reasons.

The cap is supposed to keep moisture from running down the chimney; however, if it is malfunctioning, cracked, or unattached (wind or animals can be culprits), rainwater or snow can get into the flue and cause damage, resulting in the need for chimney repair.

  • Extreme weather

Speaking of rain, severe downpours, hail, high winds, blizzards, and ice storms have been known to erode even the sturdiest flashing, cap, crown, and masonry. Keep it waterproofed and inspected regularly, especially after a severe weather event.

  • Impaired flashing

The thin sheets of metal should be installed firmly to prevent water penetration, especially where the chimney joins the roof. If it is damaged, dented, or deteriorated, leaks can happen.

  • Compromised crown

The mortar crown is made of cement and tops the chimney with a hardy overhang. When it is not built strongly or sustains damage, it can crack more easily. Even intense sunlight over time can cause cracking. That’s when water can seep between the chimney and flue lining, damaging the entire structure.

Be sure to have all the components of your chimney inspected regularly to repair any minor damage in a timely manner, before something larger occurs. Contact the professionals at Chimney Sweeps of America for more helpful information and advice on chimney repair.

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