Replace chimney cap Denver CO

Understanding the protective components of your chimney

A fireplace provides us with warmth, especially during the cold nights. For it to work effectively, various components work separately to make a fireplace safe and efficient. These include the following:

  • Chimney damper

Chimney damper helps you to regulate the amount of air that enters your chimney. By opening and closing the chimney damper, you allow fresh air to get in and smoke to exit, respectively.

  • The flue

Chimney flue acts as a pass way for smoke to reach the outside. Over usage often leads to smoke deposits, which calls for regular cleaning.

  • Chimney crown

The crown sits on top of your chimney. Its primary purpose is to protect the bricks from untimely wear and tear.

  • Chimney cap

A chimney cap prevents animals, debris, and water from entering the chimney. Also, it enables smoke to exit the house and allows air intake.

For more information on chimney sweep or repair services, you can always count on our experts here at Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver. Our team is well trained to ensure your chimney remains in good shape and condition.

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