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Chimney Sweeps of America Blog

Within the pages of our chimney sweep blog you’ll find helpful articles and interesting insights about everything that’s related to chimney and fireplace cleaning, installation and repairs.

Residential Chimney Repair Service Denver

Since 1982, Chimney Sweeps of America has been the number one residential chimney repair service in Denver.  When you are enjoying a roaring fire, you aren’t thinking about problems with your chimney. A hidden problem can be a dangerous one allowing toxic gases and the risk of a chimney fire.  We have helped thousands of…
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Wood Stove Installation Denver

Wood burning stoves provide architectural interest as an alternative to a traditional fireplace. Since 1982, Chimney Sweeps of America has been a leader in wood stove installation in Denver.  If you love the sound of a wood burning stove, we have something for you. Our technicians are certified by the CSIA with years of experience. …
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Gas Fireplace Installation Contractor Denver

If you have a traditional wood burning fireplace and would love the convenience of a gas fireplace, the professionals at Chimney Sweeps of America can help.  For over 30 years we have provided fireplace and chimney installation and repair for Denver and the entire Front Range.  When you are looking for a gas fireplace installation…
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Denver Certified Chimney Repair Contractor

If you are looking in Denver for a certified chimney repair contractor, give the professionals at Chimney Sweeps of America a call.  Inside your chimney is a liner that allows flue gases to exit your home.  Some chimneys don’t have a liner and the gases get inside of the bricks that make up your chimney…
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Fireplace Cleaning Service Denver

In the winter we love to enjoy a roaring fire in the fireplace.  We seldom think about maintenance and repair until you start to notice something just isn’t right. Chimney Sweeps of America has been the leading authority in their field since 1982.  In addition to chimney maintenance and repair, we also provide fireplace cleaning…
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Wood Stove Inspection Service Denver

If you own a wood stove, when was the last time you thought about having an inspection done?  Chimney Sweeps of America is a full service fireplace and chimney company serving Denver and the entire state.  Our job is to aid in the prevention of fires related to wood stoves, gas systems and fireplaces.  We…
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Wood Burning Stove Cleaning Denver

Everyone loves a crackling fire on a crisp winter night.  In addition to their beauty, wood burning stoves provide warmth and efficiency while providing a comforting dry heat.  They also provide architectural interest in older homes as well as a beautiful alternative in a contemporary home to the traditional fireplace. Chimney Sweeps of America has…
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Denver Chimney Flue Repair Service

  While you are enjoying the roaring fire in your fireplace, you probably don’t give much thought to toxic gases and the carbon monoxide that need to be directed outside.  When flue problems arise they are a hidden danger allowing these invisible gasses to enter your home.  In addition to the gases, you are at…
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Repair Chimney Denver

You can’t wait until it’s cold enough for a roaring fire.  You seldom think about your chimney and if it needs repair.  Carbon monoxide and other toxic gases need to be directed outside and if the chimney isn’t functioning properly, the hidden dangers of these gases entering your home are increased.  When you need to…
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Fireplace Repair Denver

If you notice that something just isn’t right with your fireplace and need fireplace repair in Denver, Chimney Sweeps of America can help.  Our skilled technicians work on all types of fireplaces including wood stoves, gas fireplaces, traditional wood burning fireplaces and more.  For over 28 years we have provided chimney and fireplace repair for…
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Chimney Masonry Repair Denver

For over 16 years, the experience craftsman at Chimney Sweeps of America has been a leader in chimney masonry repair in Denver.  As a local family-owned and operated business we take pride in every project we do.  Quality craftsmanship, creativity and dedication to customer service are the hallmarks of our work, and they are the…
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Chimney Flue Repair Denver

When you are enjoying a roaring fire, you aren’t thinking about the carbon monoxide and other toxic gases that need to be directed outside.  The hidden danger is that flue problems can develop where you can’t see them. If there is a hidden problem with the flue these gases enter the home and you could…
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