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Chimney repair 101: Spalling

Chimney brick deterioration is referred to professionally as “spalling.” The term comes from “spall,” which refers to rock breaking into smaller fragments.

Why does chimney spalling occur?

  • Old bricks and mortar wear down with exposure to wind, rain and other weather.
  • The chimney suffers cyclical water-related damage when cool/cold weather expands water in porous surfaces and warm/hot weather contracts it.
  • Building owners use damaging DIY cleaning methods like harsh wire brushes and pressure washing.
  • Animals dig into bricks and mortar from inside and outside of the chimney.

What does spalling look like?

You might see flakes, large pieces or entire bricks on the roof or nearby ground. You might also see voids in the chimney. Lastly, unnatural cracks might run through bricks or mortar.

Do-it-yourself chimney cleaning and repairs often cause damage. Our team at Chimney Sweeps of America provides professional chimney sweep and chimney repair services designed to help reduce the amount of spalling that occurs over time. Contact us today for more details.

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