Brick Chimney Cap Repair

Since 1982, Chimney Sweeps of America has helped thousands of homeowners across Colorado with full service, sales, maintenance and repair. If you are like most homeowners you seldom think about your chimney. Chimney caps are important and come in many shapes and sizes. The lack of a chimney cap is the biggest cause of damage to your chimney. If you notice you need brick chimney cap repair, call us today.

A chimney cap keeps out the rain and any unwanted animals and birds from lodging in your chimney. If rain is allowed to enter your chimney it will cause premature deterioration to the interior of your chimney. Water damage will lead to lose crumbling mortar which produce dangerous cracks and blockages.

Repairing a chimney takes skill and understanding. All of our skilled technicians are certified by the CSIA. When you need brick chimney cap repair, we are the company to call.

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