Raccoons removed humanely

Trapping Raccoons That Have Made A Home in Your Attic or Chimney

Trapping raccoons that have made a home in your attic or chimney can be a challenge that often requires a professional chimney sweep or animal removal specialist. However, if you want to trap the raccoon yourself, refer to the Nuisance Wildlife Laws in Colorado for guidance on lawful and safe animal removal.

  1. Traps: Paw hold, body grip, and live cage

Choose a trap and place several in different locations to increase your chances of catching the raccoon.

  1. Bait: Racoon’s love sweets

Marshmallows work great but ensure you use non-meat items, so you don’t accidentally attract and trap a cat. Place most of the bait toward the back of the trap so the animal puts weight on the trip pan.

Check your traps daily, especially in the morning.

  1. You trapped the raccoon. Now what?

Make sure it isn’t a mother. Most raccoons found in attics have kits and you’ll need to remove the whole family.

Use thick gloves to pick up the trap and place it in the bed of the truck.

Relocate the animal at least 10 miles away.

For professional assistance with raccoon removal, call on the Chimney Sweeps of America.

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