Signs that You’ve Got Squirrels

Here at Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver, we want to share some of the signs that you’ve got squirrels. Every year a number of homeowners are dismayed to find that squirrels have taken up residence in their attic, basement, or garage. Knowing what signs to look for can help you avoid quite a bit of damage and cleanup.

Strange Noises

Wild animals like squirrels make noises that are very different from the regular floor creaks and bumps in the night. Primarily, you may hear gnawing noises because squirrels love to chew through wood and a whole host of other materials. The other noises you are likely to hear are scampering, jumping, or persistent scratching. If you hear persistent scratching, you may have a squirrel that is stuck and should be tracked down and removed promptly.

If you hear noises that make you think you have a squirrel or other wildlife issue in your home, check your home’s perimeter, as well as your attic, chimney, roof, and garage. A visual inspection can help you determine if there are other signs that you’ve got squirrels.

You Notice Wildlife Droppings

Squirrel droppings can look much like bat guano and if you see droppings around your home, it is a sign that you may have a squirrel problem. If you are uncertain of what animal droppings you see, contact us here at Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver. We can help you identify what creature may have made their way into your home and make sure that it is removed quickly. We can also help you take measures to prevent your squirrel troubles from happening again.

Damaged Entry Areas

It is a surprise to many that squirrels can chew through a number of materials, metal included. Their teeth are very strong and squirrels can be very determined about chewing holes to get where they want to go. Unfortunately, they frequently chew small holes that are easily missed. Inspecting the outside of your home carefully is a good way to spot such openings. You may also spot damage to fascia, shingles, eaves, and paneling.

If you see damage or holes, contact our experts for help. We can make sure that the squirrel removal is successful and help you put in place strategies to prevent future squirrel issues.

Interior Damage

Squirrels seem to love attics. Because of this, it is a good idea to inspect your attic from time to time and check for signs that you’ve got squirrels. If you find chewed-up wires or wood chips scattered, you may have a squirrel issue. It is important to check air vents and wall boards as well because they will also likely target these areas. The longer squirrels live in your home, the more damage that will be done. This is what makes inspections important.

Your Garden Food is Being Eaten

If you have a garden, you may see signs of squirrels there. They love fruits and vegetables just like we do and so they may be helping themselves to your growing produce. Some of their favorites include strawberries, corn, apples, flowers, and pears. They will often leave some half-eaten fruits or vegetables in their wake. If they are in your garden, there is a high likelihood they are living nearby which means your home is a likely location, particularly if you have noticed any other signs that you’ve got squirrels.

Your Shingles are Ripped and Chewed

Squirrels are known for their determination, with very good reason. A squirrel can chew through a layer of shingles in less than an hour. This means that light metal screens and mesh are really no protection. A determined squirrel, such as one who wants to get back to its nest, will even make short work of steel. This means that a regular roof inspection is in order. It also means that the damage to your roof may be more obvious—shingle damage is much more noticeable than small holes elsewhere.

Squirrel Tracks

Squirrel footprints are fairly easy to spot. A squirrel’s front paws have four fingers. These fingers are a little shorter than the ones on a squirrel’s hind paws which have five. You may see tracks on your deck, around your garage, or your garden.

Damage to Your Outdoor Furniture

Because squirrels like to chew on items, you may notice damage to your outdoor furniture. Squirrels may chew to keep their teeth strong and to help wear them down because a squirrel’s teeth grow continuously. Though damage to your outdoor furniture doesn’t mean that squirrels have decided to live in your home without paying rent, it does increase the likelihood they make seek shelter there.

Strange Odor in Your Home

Squirrels often find a way into gaps and get stuck, particularly young squirrels.  Squirrels may become trapped in between walls and in chimney flues. If they are unable to escape they may die and the resulting smell can be pungent. Though you may hear noises from trapped squirrel, it is possible to miss the commotion (maybe you were on vacation or away when it happened) and face the eventual resulting smell.

“Water” Damage on Your Ceilings and Walls

The longer squirrels are able to remain in your home, the more urine and feces they will produce. Over time, the buildup can cause what looks like water spots on ceilings as well as at the tops of wall areas. Unfortunately, in larger homes, it can take a while to notice other signs of squirrels so sometimes this can be the first noticeable indication. This damage can be costly, so regular inspections are a great step to help avoid such issues.

Now that you know some of the signs that you’ve got squirrels, contact us here at Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver if you need to have the squirrels that have moved in removed. We can make sure the process is thorough, humane and completed properly to help you avoid any further squirrel problems.

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