Identify Critters and Their Noises

Identify Critters and Their Noises Chimney Sweeps of America DenverAt Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver, we want to help you identify critters and their noises, particularly those that might be likely to try to take up residence in your home. Do you hear scratching noises from your ceiling at night? Maybe you hear a rustling in your walls? It could be one of many common pests such as rodents, birds, bats, squirrels, and raccoons.


If you hear scratching noises in the walls or attic, and they are accompanied by squeaking, you might have a bat trapped in your attic or walls. Bats will sometimes enter a home through small holes and occasionally, they make their way to being stuck in the walls of a home. You are likely to hear the scratching and squeaking at night because bats are nocturnal.

Since bats have been known to set up colonies in attics, you want to have them removed as soon as possible. Calling professional services, Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver is a great way to track down the noise and the animal, as well as figure out where they gained access.

Rats and Mice

If you are trying to identify critters and their noises, the most common ones associated with rats and mice in the home are scratching and chewing noises coming from the walls and ceilings. These rodents will make noise at night when they are likely to be searching for shelter or food and water, particularly in winter. They are unlikely to make the squeaking noises associated with bats but are likely to try to chew through stuff in an effort to find what they need.


Birds will sometimes enter a structure to make a nest and can become trapped much like bats, in the walls or the attic. Birds in your commercial building or home will often chirp or make fluttering or scratching noises in an effort to get out. Such noises will often be heard in the early morning when birds are normally on the hunt for food to start their day.


If the noises your hear seem particularly loud, you may have a raccoon problem. Raccoons are nocturnal and since they are some of the larger animals that find themselves in attics (chimneys as well), they tend to be quite loud. Sometimes you will hear them run and scratch. They will often try to move into your attic to have babies, so getting rid of them quickly is recommended.


These critters also have a tendency to take up residence in homes, particularly in attics. Since squirrels can be particularly destructive, you are going to want a professional to help you out. Professionals will have recommendations to help you keep squirrels from returning. Squirrels tend to make scurrying, scratching, chewing, and jumping noises during the day. These noises are usually as they travel in and out of your home in search of food and water.

If you are hearing noises and need some help to identify critters and their noises, call us here at Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver. We can help you find the source of the noise and remove it from your home quickly, safely and as always, humanely. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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