How to Detect Bats in Your Attic

How to Detect Bats in Your AtticKnowing how to detect bats in your attic can help you address a dangerous problem before it causes more damage to your home and health. Today, Chimney Sweeps of America wants to help learn some of the indications that you have a bat problem in your home. If any of these are occurring, simply give us a call for an appointment. We’ll pinpoint the issue and provide a safe, affordable solution for removal of bats in your attic.

Here are the signs you should be looking for:

Activity at Sunrise and Sunset

If you see bats at sunrise and sunset, it is a sign that they may have taken up residence in your home. Checking out your attic, roof area, and your chimney is a good idea to help you confirm whether your home has become their home now too.

Bat Guano or Droppings

When you are checking around your home, look for bat guano. You will likely see a pile around whatever point of entry the bats are using. You may be well served to check your porch area, windowsills, and decks, in addition to checking your attic, roofline, and chimney.

Additionally, if you smell ammonia, it could be bat guano. It is a strong and toxic odor. If you smell this, you should check for other signs and contact our team for removal.

Hear High-Pitched Squeaking

Hearing high-pitched squeaks or chirping is a clear way to detect bats in your attic. These noises are usually heard at night, or around sunrise or sunset when bats are most active.

Scratches on Your Walls

If you see scratches on your external walls, you could be facing a bat problem in your home. It is a good idea to check for some of the other signs of bats and then contact a professional. Unfortunately, bats can be carriers of a number of diseases that can be transmitted to humans, so professional removal is highly recommended.

Black/Brown Stains

Bats have an oily substance on their coats that leaves behind a blackish-brown stain when squeezing through tight spaces. If you see this kind of stain near a small hole or opening, you have likely found the entry or exit point that the bats are using.  These stains will need proper sanitation because they transmit diseases to humans.

Professional removal is highly recommended for your own safety. Bats live in colonies, so you more than likely have more than one houseguest. A professional can make sure that all the bats are removed and can limit your exposure to potential diseases. A professional can also make sure that the bats are unable to return to your property by ensuring that entry and exit points are appropriately sealed.

Now that you know how to detect bats in your attic, contact us here at Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver if you think you have an issue in your home. We can make sure that the bats are completely and effectively removed from your home as quickly as possible.

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