How to Chase Pigeons Away from Your Home or Business

chase pigeons awayToday, Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver has some tips on how to chase pigeons away from your home or business. You may not know that your local chimney sweep is also an animal removal specialist. That’s right. We take care of it all when it comes to your chimney including any critters that may have taken up residence inside or near it.

Pigeons can be a major nuisance. They tend to defecate in large quantities most often in unsightly places, and because of their high reproduction rates, a few pigeons can become many pigeons rather quickly.

Avoid having to chase pigeons away by addressing the arrival of just a few birds immediately. Call the experts at Chimney Sweeps of America on how to chase pigeons away from your home or business.

Unwanted pigeons can be a nightmare to eradicate. They tend to gather on roofs, ledges, in attics, in barns and buildings. If there is a way to perch, they will find it.

Pigeons Out

If they have already infiltrated your indoor space, there are a couple of ways to chase pigeons away. The easiest way to shoo a pigeon out of your space is to use a sheet and corral it out through an opening, such as a window. Be sure to open all of the windows to the outside if you are using this approach so that the pigeons do not try to escape through a closed window. Once the pigeon is out, immediately close all of the windows to avoid re-entry.


Some pigeon decoys are available on the market. There is a variety of plastic figures, generally having large eyes. Some make noise and are flashy, and in some cases, these will work to deter pigeons, but in many cases, they do nothing. Bird spikes are some of the most effective deterrents for keeping pigeons away, making the surfaces on which they like to land inhospitable.


Pigeon repellents include the fake owl, various gels repellents, sound emitters and more, but they have not been proven effective in the eradication pigeons from home or business locations. Pigeons are smart enough to figure out and solve problems. So, at this time, there are no real solutions in the pigeon repellent arena besides bird spikes and porcupine wires. More about these below.


A more effective way to chase pigeons away is to ensure that your home or business space is free of any areas desirable for pigeons to perch and live. Take a thorough survey of your property to determine where the pigeons may have entered and get these holes patched and repaired.

Live Trapping

Another humane alternative to getting the pigeons out of your home or business location is to use live traps. You will start out by only setting seed bait to get them acquainted with eating where you will eventually place the traps. They will start returning to the same spot daily and get accustomed to it. Now, it is time to pull out the cage. Place the cage in the same area with seeds, but without setting it. This will encourage the pigeons to start entering the cage without hesitation. Then, once the pigeons are comfortable with the cage presence and entering it without hesitation, set the traps with seed bait and get ready to trap some pigeons.

Even though live trapping can be somewhat effective, it also has its drawbacks. Pigeons are known to return to their favorite spots easily, no matter where they are relocated. So, it is essential to repair all holes and entry points before rereleasing the pigeons. Otherwise, they can quickly return and get back into the same spot that you coaxed them out of before. 

Bird Spikes and Porcupine Wires

Additionally, applying porcupine wires and bird spikes to the area, making it inhospitable to land is going to help immensely. Porcupine wires come with a solid base from which protrudes metal prongs attached at all angles.

Last Resort

If you have tried ways to chase pigeons away from your home or business without effect, you may feel that you have no other choice but to resort to lethal action, including poison, lethal traps, and shooting. Before attempting any form of lethal control, think it through. Any number of things can go wrong when dealing with lethal methods of control and accidents can happen even if you take safety measures.

Lethal pigeon traps generally have a snapping or constricting mechanism to work. Again, be very careful when using lethal pigeon traps, read all directions carefully, as they could lead to injuries during install.

Poisoning methods include the use of Alphachloralose, antifreeze, thallium, and avitrol. Using poisons inevitably puts other animals, even people at risk as well. Anything that eats the poisoned pigeon will also get poisoned which can lead to a series of animal deaths, even dogs in the neighborhood. This is not likely something you want to be responsible for.

Finally, pigeon shooting is the most conventional form of eradication but obviously takes a skilled set of eyes and hands. Pigeons are inactive at night, so this is thought to be the best time to address the situation with this lethal eradication method. Again, taking things this far should be a last, last resort.

When it comes to learning how to chase pigeons away from your home or business, it is best to call in the professionals at Chimney Sweeps of America. Our skilled personnel have the tools and knowledge to deal with pigeon problems in the best way, and humanely, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Making your home and business pigeon-proof is one of our specialties, so you can count on us to make the problem go away for good. Call the team at Chimney Sweeps of America for fast, efficient pigeon removal services today and sleep better at night.

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