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When it comes to bird removal, Chimney Sweeps of America in Denver has over 30 years of experience helping home and business owners across the Front Range get rid of pigeons and other winged pests.

Pigeon and bird droppings are not only unsightly but can cause excessive damage to property, buildings, automobiles and more. On top of numerous health hazards, pungent odors are unpleasant for everyone in your home and customers who frequent your business. Droppings can kill plants and other vegetation while while feathers can plug ventilation units. The constant need to clean up after birds and pigeons, as well as repair any damages are both time consuming and costly.

Chimney Sweeps of America helps residents, business owners and property management companies in Denver, Boulder and beyond deal with pigeon problems. We have the bird and pigeon removal skills and it takes to safely clear out commercial buildings, homes, attics and chimneys.

For bird and pigeon removal in Denver or Boulder, contact us now to schedule your appointment.

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Quick Tips for Keeping Birds & Pigeons Away

While birds will often find a way around most deterrents, there are still a few things you can try to keep them away from your home or business:

  • Remove Food Sources – Birds tend to pick through trash, pester patrons and even get into pet food bowls. Keeping outdoor areas clean and asking customers not to feed birds will help.
  • Adopt a Pet or Two – Dogs and cats are considered predators to birds and may make your home a less inviting place to hang out. Many birds and pigeons will simply move on to a different spot.
  • Try High and Low Tech – Netting can keep birds out of trees and block nesting areas. Spikes in roosting locations may help, along with ultrasonic bird repeller devices. Some people also have success with wind chimes and realistic-looking owl statues.

While there’s no product available guaranteed to work, you can rely on Chimney Sweeps of America to provide a more effective and lasting bird and pigeon removal. Call us today for an appointment.

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