Bat Removal Denver


If you’re looking for professional bat removal in Denver, Boulder or anywhere in between, the Chimney Sweeps of America team is here to help you. We have over 30 years of experience getting bats out of homes, barns, chimneys, attics, parking garages, commercial buildings and more. Using humane traps and the proper exclusion methods, our experts can remove one or two bats, even an entire colony.

bat removal in denver

How Do You Know if You Have Bats?

Bats are generally quiet and of course, nocturnal, so you may not notice their presence right away. In fact, you may not realize it at all until one becomes trapped in a wall. At that point, you’ll hear fluttering and scratching noises along with squeaking as the animal attempts to free itself. Also, be on the lookout for any of the following:

  • Small holes, cracks or gaps on the exterior, often leading to the attic
  • Brown stains from a bat’s oily fur which helps them fit through tight spaces
  • Bat droppings (guano) in any areas that provide entry, including the chimney
  • The unmistakable smell of bat feces and urine, especially from a colony
  • Step out at dusk and see if bats leave your home to feed via chimney or attic

If you notice any of these signs, please contact Chimney Sweeps of America for Denver bat removal right away. One of our experts will come out to your house or business to give you a hand. Our process:

  1. First, we will complete an inspection of your home, inside and out, to determine if you have a bat or other pest problem. We’ll determine where they entered and where they are nesting.
  2. Along with possibly using humane traps, we will use the exclusion method where the bats are allowed to leave the home at night – at that point, all re-entry points will be sealed shut.
  3. We will then follow up with you to ensure that no bats were left behind and the bat colony that was removed has not returned.

With bats being infamous for setting up destructive and even creepy colonies in attics and chimneys all across Colorado, it’s best to have them removed as soon as possible.

For bat removal by the pros Denver and Boulder trusts, call now to schedule your appointment.